Public Interest Litigation filed By Pune Environmental Action Group (PEAG) in Bombay High Court in the matter of Reserved Forest Land, valued @ Rs 76 crores, grabbing by Symbiosis Institute. Case filed against Ashok Chavan, ex Chief Minister, Rajendra Mangarulkar IFS, Neela Satyanarayan IAS, Bhupati Prasad Pande IAS, Chandra Kant Joshi IFS, & J.N. Saxena IFS along with State & Union Governments……

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Pune Environmental Action Group (PEAG) has filed a Public Interest Litigation in Bombay High Court based on research work done by in the matter of very expensive Reserved forest land grabbing on Senapati Bapat Road, Pune by Symbiosis Institute of Management with the help of Rajendra Mangarulkar IFS and other officials.  Neela Satyanarayan IAS, Chief Election Officer, Maharashtra & the then Principal Secretary Forests  had stayed criminal proceedings even after filing of FIR (POR) by executive order though once the FIR (POR) is filed only competent court can stay proceedings as per Cr PC . Further, even that order of stay of court proceedings  was not approved by the Government ( Minister or Chief Minister). With express speed ” file of stay” was cleared by various authorities in one day (Read para 5 (xi)  of   PIL). The reason for this illegal act was Quid pro quo by giving admission to the Miss N  Mangarulkar  in management quota in MBA in Symbiosis Institute of Management.  Detailed report and documentary evidences of each of the allegations can be read , which  are already given on the site.

The PIL has prayed for following reliefs along with others:

  1. To recover the forest land from Symbiosis institute and be handed over to Forest department.
  2. To lift the stay and allow porsecution of Dr Majumdar.
  3. To order independent inquiry by CBI for offences under Prevention of corruption Act against the above named officials.



32 Responses to “Public Interest Litigation filed By Pune Environmental Action Group (PEAG) in Bombay High Court in the matter of Reserved Forest Land, valued @ Rs 76 crores, grabbing by Symbiosis Institute. Case filed against Ashok Chavan, ex Chief Minister, Rajendra Mangarulkar IFS, Neela Satyanarayan IAS, Bhupati Prasad Pande IAS, Chandra Kant Joshi IFS, & J.N. Saxena IFS along with State & Union Governments……”

  1. APCCF Naagpur says:

    WAAH WAAH.. Yaar tum ek dum sher ho. You are actual Tiger of the department. I salute you. Atleast you are a man of words. I am sure now these cowards and chors will not be spared by High court.

  2. Another APCCF Nagpur says:

    What a pleasant surprise. We thought that you too have been purchased by these corrupt people. It means CIM was not dead but was in process. Pant geeli ho rahi hogi now.

  3. CCF at Nagpur says:

    Are we going to see wildlife sanctuary cases where one of the guilty IFS officer is now relative of our HOD ? HOD is saving that officer though there are more than sufficient grounds to prosecute him and Dr Nand Kishore.

  4. CCF at Chandrapur says:

    This is a very fine and accurately drafted PIL. It is really good to see that CS Joshi Sir and Saxena Sir have been made parties in the PIL since their inaction bring them culpability. They must also be punished criminally. Yes, you are right in pointing that till Ashok Chavan was CM , CS Joshi did not write his remarks for almost two years. Shame on him. Joshi Sir, he is of Adarsh fame. Shame on you.

  5. Why do not PEAG try AK Joshi for his inactions. A man, who can never talk to the point. In whose time all the corruption cases have been burried since almost all the persons involved were from his blue eyed camp or coming from Hills of Uttar Pradesh.

  6. Almost all cases of corruption in Thane & Pune divisions involve Rajendra Mangarulkar. Why PCCF does not initiate any action in the matter. I am sure, looking the way this PIL is written, no wonder we see AK Joshi also in trouble for his culpability in crime , distruction of evidence, shielding the corrupt. CIM, I also salute you. Department needs you.

    • Are yaar kyun kewal Mangroolkar ke peechhe pade ho. Abhi jo Thane Circle chala raha hai uska koi jawab hai? Magar uske bare men koi kuchh nahin kahta, kyunki usne mantri, Pr. Secretary and HOFF sabko pata rakkha hai. Waise to yah sabhi ko maloom ahi ki Mantri aur Pr.secretay ko sabse corrupt officers hi sabse adhik pyare hain, karan explain karne ki jaroorat hai kya ?

  7. IFS officer of Maharashtra cadre says:

    In our officers almost 98% IFS officers are fattu. They only specialise in back biting & jealousy. All senior officers are less than RFO. Only can shout on their juniors. HOFF and PCCF claim to be chief Secretary level officer…. Look at them Gaur kee chay peene ke alawa kahin baithane kee takat nahi hai. They can not get a room or camp office for them in Mantralaya. Cheekat hud darje ke. Mera to man karta hai kee subah subah inko ek ek laat laga dun taaki din bhar theek rahe. Agar mere paas koi aur kaam karne ko hota to IFS chhod deta.

    • Rtd officer says:

      Bhai sahab aap kisi aur kam ke nahin hain isi liye to Forest Department men hain, yahi dastan sabhi Forest Officers ki hai.

  8. colleague says:

    Yaar baaki sab theek hai par laat marne wali baat theek nahi hai. Tumhare junior bhee tumhe yehi kahate honge.

  9. Another colleague says:

    Baaki kya theek hai. HOFF/PCCFs are weak officers. Some one had commented earlier in this column that they can not get a rest house booked for themselves in Mumbai. I had seen them personally how do they behave even in front of ministers or a CEO of zila parishad. Because of them even effective officers also feel subdued.

  10. Another colleague 2 says:

    Tiger, if you are same whom I understand you to be, then I can guarantee the IFS cadre of Maharashtra to be careful. State government could not do anything even after charge sheeting him thousand times. I know his potential. Every single item appeared on this website would reach to its end. No one amongst us can match him. He was one of the best forest administrator amongst us. He has/had access to almost all the ministers and government files equally. I know Tiger, you are not here only by choice. Like others I also salute you. Only you can do it.

  11. Since no body is disclosing identity here on the site, I feel that we should not write anything , which lowers status of our service. I agree there may be some grudge, unhappiness and some injustice, but it does not mean that we should condemn all and the service.

  12. IFS of Maharashtra says:

    Mr AK do not give lecture. Your HOFF can not get one IFS transferred. PS to FM is running your department. Your boss always get lecture, humiliation, abuses from Minister. But then you do not say anything. Everyone knows that one of the RFO paid Rs 98 lacs to get him posted in Mumbai, what could your service do to him ? Tell me how that RFO will repay that amount to himself ? Can you catch him ?
    I agree that Minister has snatched power to transfer RFO but he has not snatched the power of disciplinary action. File criminal cases against these RFOs for various illegal acts they are doing. In one year everybody would be in line.

  13. What service service. I tell you assembly was demanding suspension of Pole. Minister refused to do that for obvious reasons. Secretary, Pardeshi told minister to atleast transfer him. Minister did not oblige. He is there. can you put some one on job to make a dossier of POLE and his staff. This dossier should be like what is there in CIM. When everyday all IFS go to Mumbai from Nagpur and do not pay for even a cup of tea to Pole, what should he do ? Everyday they come back to Nagpur and go to Mumbai next morning. They come back to Nagpur only to sleep. Shit .. These officers can not hire a taxi for mantralaya. They want a govt vehicle. Clerk mentality.

    • Rtd Forest officer says:

      If all the tenures of Pole are properly enquired into, nobody can save him from going to Thane central Jail. But the persons who are supposed to do this are very happy with him. Are bhai Doodh denewali gaiya ko koi kyun disturb karega ?

  14. Dear Readers,
    So many forest officers are expressing their views, but CIM would request that society in general would benefit more if comments are technical in nature. Technical opinion from best brains in forestry would be helpful for this site.
    Even CIM feels that Office of the Principal Chief Conservator of Forests, Nagpur is not doing justice with so many hot issues, which otherwise would have been sorted out then and there. HOFF can reset the discipline in the department, which is lost in the ocean of corruption.

  15. Just Retd IFS officer says:

    Dear Editor CIM: Do you know that our HOFF is Manmohan Singh. We are waiting for some CAG type report showing his Coal-gate type activity. The only difference is that Mr Manmohan Singh knows his subject very well and Forest advisor to the Government, the HOFF knows anything but his subject.
    As far as technical comments are concerned, who will give that ? How many IFS officers have visited forests in last one year ? Whenever they visit forest, it is some plantation or nursery. Do we mean that only plantation is forestry? And success rate of such plantation is only 25%. 90% survival remains only on papers till the weeding and mulching are provided in the scheme ( For Bofors). Even if they go to forest it is only for free lunch and dinner. There is no accountability.

    • Are bhai poore Forest Dptt. mein ek se ek namune hain. Sabko kewal promotion chihiye. Kam to kaudi barabar nahin karte hain aur karne ke capable bhi nahin hain. Sab APCCF, CCF ban kar baithe hain, haraam ki pagar utha rahe hain aur ek doosre ki kaat rahe hain. Iska poora fayeda Secretay uthata hai. Abhi ka secretary to aur bhi chaalu hai. Sabko bewakoof banaraha hai aur NGOS se milkar department ka bhathha bitha raha hai. Chalo theek hai jaisi praja waisa raja. HOFF to dhritrashtr hai hi kismat ki roti tod rahahai.

      • Rtd Forest officer says:

        Bilku theek kaha bhaisahab aapne. HOFF to itna kismat wala hai ki 10 sal men hi matric bhi pass karliya aur yahan aakar MFD ka itne lambe samay tak satya nash kar raha hai.

  16. Senior officer at nagpur says:

    CIM: are you aware of that HOFF and Principal Secretary are persons, who are expert in shooting messengers. And not the persons who are giving them messages. Thus , no one tells them anything since both of them have their known eyes and ears in the department. It is they, who are minting money. I will send you details of how one blue eyed officer of Principal Secretary is taking share in Budget allocation.

    • Rtd Forest officer says:

      All most corrupt officers are the blue eyed boys of the Principal Secretary and the Forest Minister and are posted on all key posts. The present HOFF is a moron, so spare him. Let him be happy in his last days by travelling in the state.

  17. A Non Forester says:

    By the way, who is Chandra KANT Joshi? There used to be a PCCF ( HOFF ) by the name Chadra SHEKHAR JOSHI once upon a time! Is he the same one?

  18. PCCF Retd says:

    Mr DK, Why are you so much sympathetic towards Known ( ……deleted………………..) officer. Atleast some organisation is setting the rot in the department to open. There is no need for a symptomatic relief. Now disease must be cured. And he is a disease in the body of the department. Go and talk to almost all the officers individually about him and you will come to know about him. God knows how MPSC is working…..

  19. Hai, why you all after me blaming for no reason, I am a honest forest officer and working with due sincerity. Action against any individual will be taken, only after submitting a proper documents in support of it.

    • APCCF at Nagpur says:

      Sir, Who doubts you as far as your integrity is concerned ? Every one has only one complaint and i.e . you do not take action against your near and dears. Can you tell me .. on which story , which appeared on CIM, actionable evidences are not produced. Even high court is taking cognizance, but you do not. Had there been any other PCCF Mangarulkar would have gone home.

  20. Another APCCF at Nagpur says:

    Joshi Sir, He is right. The documents and narrations appeared on CIM are enough to send some officers including mangarulkar to Jail. But unfortunately, because you are not taking action against him or them , matter is going to High court. Tell me Sir, How would you save yourself there.

  21. APCCF from Nagpur says:

    Sir, People say it is Navin Singh , who is behind this . We have seen papers on this website, where by issuing forged GRs issued by Mangarulkar, his disciplinary action was extended. You are aware of this. Have you initiated any action in it ? Why as HOFF you have not recommended action agaisnt Mangarulkar ? Let it be if Gvernment does not take action on your recommendation. But why have you not initiated action in this. Look here now matter has gone to Criminal court and many of our officers are in trouble. Can you match Navin ? Can any one of us ? People who knows him understand what I am saying.

  22. I agree with what some one said about Navin. He has worked with me. I have no doubt in saying he is the brilliant most officer of the department. I know he is doing extreamly well in his business. Recently Government of Maharashtra has awarded a tender of construction and operation of Heliport on Mumbai-expressway to his sons’ company Woodstock helicopters pvt Ltd , which has recently got dealership of some french helicopters.
    Most of us will agree that we were never fair to him . Though most of us have not worked with him but we have agreed to black propaganda against him. You must be wondering why am I telling all these at this time, but I feel that now enough is enough. He should get his due share.

  23. Sir,
    I feel instead of commenting on Navin Sir, let us concentrate on what Joshi Sir has said.
    Sir, everyone knows that if HOD starts behaving with partiality, sufferer will search for an alternative routes. I agree that whatever has been written on CIM, is absolutely actionable. All evidences are there to start action for major penalties. I suggest HOFF office must initiate action in all the stories, otherwise as we are seeing , CS Joshi sir has also been made a party in the PIL. After retirrement, he has to come of his own and defend. lawyers fee is prohibitive.

  24. CIM Administrator says:

    Dear Readers,
    It is indeed very good to see that HOFF of Maharashtra State has appeared for the first time on this website with his comment. Website confirms that this post has been made via his official email.
    We request to our readers that while writing comments, his version should also be taken care off.
    Further, even CIM confirms that till date and information available with CIM , Mr AK Joshi, IFS HOFF/PCCF is an honest officer. A rare breed in these days.

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