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Part 2 of Report on corruption by Holy cows of IFS Maharashtra cadre in Tiger Reserve:: They dared to misled the Legislative assembly; Shown damn to Hon’ble Speaker of the Assembly:: Behaved as Rakshak hee Bhakashak::

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In 2007,  both Pench and TATR, were declared as CRITICAL TIGER HABITAT OR CORE, with special emphasis on the conservation and breeding of tigers. These CORE areas were supposed to be kept  ‘ INVIOLATE’ meaning free of disturbances. In the TIGER PROJECTS hence the policy is to relocate the villages outside the CORE areas. In a series of ...

Corruption by holy-cows of Maharashtra cadre IFS :: Tiger Reserves & National parks used for non-forestry purpose for misappropriation of large sums of money by these IFS officers. It’s like raping a girl in the police station by police men. DC PANT PCCF W/L misled the Legislature while anwering a calling attention motion on the subject::Exemplary punishment required:

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In a blatant violation of provisions of : Forest Conservation Act, 1980 NTCA (National Tiger Conservation Authority) guidelines (WLP Act 1972), Maharashtra Treasury Rules, 1968, Bombay Forest Manual & various Government resolutions, Chief Wildlife Warden’s standing instructions Nand Kishore IFS the then CCF Wild Life Nagpur, S.H. Patil, IFS the then Director , Tadoba National ...