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Some forest officers are trying to stall the information asked under RTI. They are adopting the same mechanism , which was adopted by office of the PCCF.  They are denying information by informing the requisitioner of the information that “information does not pertain to his desk”. As per provisions of RTI Act, they are not sending the requisition to related APIO in the same office.  CIM has been informed that this they are doing till promotion orders of some corrupt IFS officers are issued.  The office of the CCF Pune under ASK Sinha is trying to stall even smallest information. But very soon , we will bring that in front.

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  1. Senior Forest officer says:

    Sinha..why are you doing so ?

  2. Retired PCCF says:

    Sinha or non sinha.. Can you hide any information in RTI era ? You must have courage to speak truth whether it favours x or Y. My unsolicited advice…it’s time to fix the corrupt. But unfortunately, your own report are not very encouraging these days. Pune effect.

  3. Another retired Senior Forest officer says:

    When would your organisation check “sea of corruption” Thane & Nasik circles ? You can see that same officers, who do their tenure at Thane go to Nasik and then to Mantralaya. The circles were always headed by most corrupt officers of the department. Their personal wealth run in crores.

  4. CCF Nasik says:

    Not every forest officer posted in Nasik is corrupt. Kindly do not generalise. But one thing is for sure that I feel addicted for this website. Every days atleast twice I visit it. Hence kindly keep posting stories of our leaders in department. CHHUPE RUSTAMS bahar to aanaa chahiye..

  5. Rahul Asthana says:

    Wonderful. Keep doing good job. It will show results in future.

  6. Another coward forester says:

    It’s about time that the Lokayukta took notice of the publications made on this website and initiated action suo motu! After all, he is duty bound to take cognizance. And, why, pray, are the Babus who so pompously administer the Department, are so silent. Their silence is deafening! Or, as the web administrator suggested, is it time for Anna to open his third eye on the Forestry Sector. He has done it once in the past. Remember?

  7. Wild Lifer says:

    Dear Freind ….do not leave them. These corrupt few think them selves as King and all others are their subservents. Even HOFF has forgotten that his own ACRs were “B” only and if he would have come to DPC now, he could have been superseded even for post of CF. But as someone said earlier in post, that he hardly gets time for forestry….being busy in non-sensical talks, never to the point, no knowledge of subject. Shame on him …only cross-word. He should better resign. In his tenure none of us can expect any precipitative action against these corrupt officers. But do not leave them. Write, write & write. Sinha was his PA. How you expect he should be straight.

    Here in Nagpur these officers are going through sleepless nights. Thanks to your website. Boss damdar likhate ho.

  8. One among us says:

    Yaar give me your mail address.. I want to send lots of such cases, which are really worth for this website. Colleagues say this website is being operated from Pune. If yes, then I can send information to you. I am also fed up with the governance of this organisation.

    Unfortunately, we had successive moron PCCFs or pseudo-intellectual DFO turned PCCF, like Joshis, saxenas, jwalas etc, which had sent our organisation twenty years back.

    Look here , these IFS officers who were abusing Kakodakar, Pradeep kumar for their ill will in process of promotion …are now congratulating them. Are we not aware of some thing , which is called INERTIA. Every thing was driven by inertia. Tell me what had they done which require congratulations ? Atleast, we should remain firm on our views. If they are non-functional, self centered then call them that. Yaar buttering kee bhee koi limit hoti hai.

    • Dear Readers….. It is really immaterial, who is writing these stories or where from these stories are being written. If you want to send any information kindly contact us through contact us page.

      CIM request you to send only objective stories with hard core documentary evidences.

  9. IFS Prince says:

    CIM Zindabaad. Boss CIM ne fit kar diya Forest administration ko. At least it has given cover for junior officers to write truth in fie and their reports. Sinha was a good officer but this degradation is his last chance to batoro wealth.

    • Forester says:

      This is true. I agree with this. At least we can write truth in shield of CIM. Every single file of Mantralaya is coming on this website.
      In one of the story, it was true that boss was finding it very difficult to answer pointed questions mentioned in the CIM.
      CIM you are genious.

  10. hemant chhajed says:

    respected sir, the forest department open in 1838 & it was attached to fishries department. Revenue department was created in1858. The permanent records of forest lands were destroyed by all india service officers from offices and mantralaya to sell and purchase of lands in metros.

  11. APCCF at Nagpur says:

    What an inept and incompetent HOFF we have. He doesnt want to listen. Cant concentrate on any topic. Has no guts to talk to even Secretary Forests. Doesnt have knowledge of any field in forestry. He is good only in nonsensical monologues which ultimately lead to no positive action.
    So friends expecting positive and concrete action from him is of no use. Somebody has to form an front and get the judiciary involved. Only then the corrupts in the deptt will have some fear.

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