Administrative Corruption In Forest Department at Mantralaya…… PCCF recommends suspension of Dr Nand Kishore IFS….. Secretary stops the move calling it manipulation by PCCF….. No action against PCCF… Without enquiry clean chit given to Dr Nand Kishore

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At the very outset let us congratulate all those IFS  officers, who got promoted to various posts recently. It is a celebration time for IFS cadre when at fag end of their career, they could get, what others have got many  many years ago in other State cadres.

A big so called thanks to your own officers. A small thing, which could have been done long long ago, was first sabotaged by an IFS officer, Rajendra Mangarulkar, who was Joint Secretary for five years with the help of another office bearer of IFS association. This was because their batches or they themselves were not being promoted due to the then proposed cadre restructuring.

NOW Look here !!!! what a celebration by members of the service. Union Minister of Forests writing to Chief Minister, Maharashtra for this mess. Minister for Forests, Maharashtra admonishing top officials including HOFF of state cadre for not sending proposal. Who can be at fault ? Can anybody dare to name them in public. Hawaa kharaab ho jayegee sabkee. Itnee departmental enquiries lagegee kee face karte karte nani yaad aa jayegee , and dear friends promotion to bhool jao. But someone has to bell the CAT. We will do that for all of you in time to come.

But lets see here,  how objectively our HOFF office works:

These are not stories but hard facts : You can just see how two officers of the same cadre are discriminated so vastly at Government level:

A minor penalty charge sheet to Navin Singh was given after 14 years for taking car advance and not repaying it in time, though deduction for repayment was other’s job and not his:

A charge sheet was given to Navin Singh after 14 years of incident because he had complained to the Lokayukta against JP Dange IAS  and one ex JS, who had demanded Rs 10 lacs from him for putting Navin’s points of view, expressed by him in his representation, in the note sheet of the relevant file. It is really shameful  that he had been charge sheeted on the recommendation of the PCCF on following ground

  • He had withdrawn Rs 40,000/- computer advance , which was sanctioned by the government, and fund for the same was placed by PCCF at the disposal of CF Aurangabad. It seems CF Aurangabad has not sent him a forwarding letter of sanctioned computer advance.  Thus, according to PCCF, Navin Singh had misappropriated government money temporarily for personal monetary gains ( This is not story , but you can check up this in attached charge sheet).
  • That he had not repaid loan with an intention to misappropriate government money. This charge sheet was issued  knowing fully well that he was placed under suspension in 2003 and before that he was absent from duty on medical grounds from 1999 to 2003.  Hence he was never  an authority, who was drawing or disbursing officer and hence recovery was never in his hand.
  • It was Government, who did not pay him subsistence allowance for many years til he complained to Lokayukta about it. At the first disbursement of subsistence allowance by CCF Pune, this advanced was deducted.  It is note worthy that his successor in Aurangabad division, Sameer Sahay should have marked these deductions in his LPC, which he did not do, leading into this situation. Thus for no fault of him, after 14 years he was issued a charge sheet on the recommendation of PCCF.
  • Though it might  not be taken cordially, but while interviewing  Navin Singh he has given us several documents regarding  income tax documents of his wife, Dr Renu Singh, who is Chairperson of the Woodstock group of companies, who is to pay an arrear of Rs FOUR CRORES as arrears of Income tax for the block period of 1988-98 . Attached herewith is the copy of the demand notice from the Income tax department. Needless to mention that there must be income of more than 10 crores for the period. And now PCCF is sending to charge sheet him for an amount of Rs 40000/- for computer advance, which is already sanctioned by Government. And there was no irregularity in drawing that.
  • When Navin Singh approached CAT against this charge sheet, CAT has severely criticised Government for this enquiry and asked the Government to reconsider this enquiry on the ground of delays and latches.


Principal Chief Conservator of Forests vide his letter dated 1st June 2002 has sent a report of misuse of Government money against Dr Nand Kishore . PCCF had recommended suspension of Dr Nand Kishore and to post  Sarvesh Kumar as Joint Secretary in his place. Along with report , a draft charge sheet was also sent to the Government against Dr Nand Kishore.

But look here, instead of issuing suspension order  in “save Jt Secretary” move,  AN Tripathi the then another JS, after getting instruction from Navin Kumar, IAS Principal Secretary initiated a note mentioning therein that since draft charge sheet was accompanied by not-certified documents and based on only Xeroxed copies hence , one can not proceed for suspension.

When we approached Navin Singh to explain his views , he informed us that in 3 departmental enquiries, which were conducted for  awarding major penalties, and which were subsequently quashed by CAT, were not only done on the strength of Xeroxed copies of documents, but  during  enquiries government informed the enquiry officer that such documents were not available.

Then again Navin Kumar, Principal Secretary had written to Chief Secretary that since he knew Dr Nand Kishore, who according to him, was sincere, upright and hard working person, and also having unblemished record, that is why he can not do misconduct. Meanwhile Navin Kumar got transferred and he could get a clearance from Chief Secretary to deal this case even after his transfer. [IFS officers this is IAS culture to support service mate].  Mr Navin Kumar, every one starts at sometime and at that time his record remains clean.

Manipulation by back dated note of Principal Secretary, Navin Kumar

Armed with Chief Secretary’s power, Navin Kumar had written a note on 26-9-2002 to clear Dr Nand Kishore by recommending closer of the case. Chief Secretary had given approval on 20-9-2002. Very important point is that Navin Kumar had written a back dated note since he signed on 26th September and then Chief Secretary signed on 20th September i.e.  six days before.

Later on Minister Forest signed approval on 11-10-2002. It is not clear why file was not sent to Chief Minister since it he, who is incharge minister for All India Services Officers as per Rule of Business of Government of Maharashtra. On 19-10-2002, AN Tripathi Deputy Secretary had authorized to file the case.

Following note of the government will show how serious were the charges on Dr Nand Kishore. We have also found out another draft charge sheet against Dr Nand Kishore. On one page one can see signature of Rajendra Mangarulkar , JS. We do not know what happened to this charge sheet.


  1. We are not casting any aspersions on conduct of Dr Nand Kishore, but we wanted to show that HOFF is always a partisan office and always work on principle of coterie . They always have two sets of Rules , one for their close ice creams and other for Quinine officers.
  2. If PCCF has recommended such kind of recommendation , which is going to spoil one’s career then why  was he not charge sheeted by Government ?
  3. Why other IFS officers were proceeded against on the strength of non-existent documents.

13 Responses to “Administrative Corruption In Forest Department at Mantralaya…… PCCF recommends suspension of Dr Nand Kishore IFS….. Secretary stops the move calling it manipulation by PCCF….. No action against PCCF… Without enquiry clean chit given to Dr Nand Kishore”

  1. Yaar , aap log ye sab kahaan se laate ho ? It seems there is definite discrimination with Navin Singh.

  2. Senior Forest officer nagpur says:

    Adarsh society of Forest Department , Rajendra Mangarulkar should be booked. IFS association must meet and fix up responsibility for such serious delays on promotion.

  3. Junior IFS officer nagpur says:

    Sir, most of us are cowards and fence sitters. We feel some one will do and we will be benefited. These negative officers are in big majority in department. HOFF is also one amongst them.

  4. Though it is an old story of Dr Nand Kishore, but as mentioned in the story, I also agree with observation made in the story about partisan behaviour of HOFF. Navin’s case is eye opener for us, but I am sure no one can change basic character of coward officials. As some one addressed to IFS officials.

  5. I feel there should be a policy of recommending action against IFS officials at the level of HOFF. Navin’s charge sheet is really very unfortunate. There are more than 7 officers , who have done the same thing , which had been done by Navin. We have sent report to Government. Navin you can find out in Government and fight for equality. I am sure you can set right the rot in the department. Most of us can express ourselves by hiding our identities. But my heart is with you. Come in the department and fix them.

    • Ofcourse, there is a policy existing alive and kicking at the level of HOFF! All those who help the cause of person at the top, are zealously protected and their characters given a thorough drycleaning job. You see it happening all the time! The powers that be turn a blind eye towards misdeeds of their kith and kin. Navin is just a wagabond! He chose to act alone and somehow developed, even nurtured adversories at the highest level. Will his return be helpful ( to him or the department ) when there are no takers for his skills in the fast disappearing corridors of forest administration!

  6. Dear Colleagues, It is to inform you that government has decided to immediately take back suspension of Navin Singh. The file has been moved and is with Chief Secretary . But I do not know whether he would join back or not.

  7. SK Srivasatava IAS says:

    This website seems to be on line with Anna Hazare/Baba Ramdeo. I appreciate that these are the stories with hard documentary evidences and even mantralaya/secretariate files are posted on website. Well done!!! I will also encourage this type of website for our own cadre. Keep up the good work done so far. Is there anyways to know , who is administrator of this website?

  8. IFS officer well known to Navin says:

    Why everyone is concentrating on Navin. He has developed an empire. As far as I know his business empire now crossed more than Rs 250 crores. He is true Ram Jethmalani of Forest Department.

    Other janaab janaab is pseudo legal expert , who always talk IFA without knowing positive interpretation. I assure our cadre mates that this pseudo legal expert alone is responsible for such bad negative image of the department. He never allows other junior officers to work for development. His interpretation of law is only negative.

    Can anyone else dare to take on sitting chief Secretary head-on except Navin or Jiwarajika ? I am sure he would not come back in the department.

  9. This website should also probe the extremely illegal business of promotions to the APCCF level in Maharashtra. There was a DPC conducted in December, 2010 and a panel was approved by the CM in January, 2011. many officers were superseded. But, pressures from politicians ( read High Command ) and Swiss Bank account holders caused the panel to be Quashed and following which another DPC was conducted. Lo and behold! those selected on merit earlier were coolly side lines with the principle of Merit and seniority given a go by ( by the Chief Secretary who benefitted from the same ). Whereas posts of PCCFs were created to accomodate persons whose taint is spread over this website, upgradations at the other levels were rejected and / or delayed. Who has played an instrumental role? Will the WHISTLE BLOWERS BE PROTECTED, should they expose the ongoing white washing scam in the Forest Department. Navin’s case is but one of such step motherly treatments. The rot goes far, wide and deep!

  10. hemant chhajed says:

    A huge number of charge-sheets of i.f.s. officers were supressed by p.c.c.f. and f-7 level from 1968. if it will observed minutely, not a single officer will survive in department. in each division,thousands of hectares of “forest”land was diverted without sanction of Govt. of India.they should be punish like supreme court order of minister and add.chief secretary[forest]

  11. More on recent promotions to the APCCF level. It is said that R. Choudhary’s promotion is held up on account of offer being turned down by Alinda Chandra. However, the delay in seeking his willingness is intriguing. Everybody but a certain group believes that Chandra is NOT WILLING! Then there is the curious case of FDCM GM’s post being upgraded. The file is at the top level. The same alacrity as was shown in the case of PCCF upgrdations would have enabled TWO more officers being promoted. One therefore wonders whether the post of APCCF ( BP&D ) is being reserved for someone special but much down the ladder. And the whole game shall open up once ten more officers are promoted after upgradations! One cal recall similar games being played when Sohoni was the PCCF!

  12. there are several corruption issues one among these is about Sangali Forest Sub Division, the officer who took action against corrupt officials was suspended to protecte them, hatching conspiracy against him. I took the issue and filed PIL no 2/2007 and on inaction by the govt (diregarding the orders of the Hon High Court) I again prefered another PIL no101/2009 which is still pending before theHon High Court. As per the orders of the Hon High Court the ACB filed FIR against 42 corrupt officials. At present the corrupt officer against whom the enquiry by ACB is pending, the officers are promoted and posted to the various functional post,some are again posted to deal with public mony. I think these are the Holly Calfs

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