Promotion of tainted Prakash Thosare IFS to APCCF by manipulating reports, records and DPC with the help of Joint Secretary

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A Departmental Screening Committee ( DPC) for the posts of Head of the Forest Force, Maharashtra; Principal Chief Conservator of Forests, and Additional Chief Conservator of Forests was conducted on 20th July 2009 under the chairmanship of JP. Dange, Chief Secretary, MS.

As per note sheet of DPC dated 27-7-09, for out of two vacancies of APCCF, the DPC has selected (recommended) only one officer viz, S.K. Khetrapal. For the second post,  name of only P. J. Thosare  was considered. But since his ACR for the year 2005-06 were very adverse, it was found that he can not be promoted to the post of APCCF till his adverse remarks in ACR are expunged. Hence it was decided not to consider case of any other CCF in seniority though it was required to be considered as per law. It was decided in DPC to expunge the adverse ACR of Thosare for the year 2005-06 in the year 2010. Thus, though it was required under law to consider the case of other officer in the seniority by DPC, but it was not done. Later on, adverse remarks in ACR of the year 2005-06 of Prakash Thosare  was expunged by Government order dated 26-10-2009 i.e almost three months after the DPC dated 20-7-2009. No one else was considered till this ACR was expunged.

Thus, against all provisions of AIS (CR) Rules and AIS (PA) Rules, Prakash Thosare’s adverse remarks were expunged from ACR. After cleaning his ACR , it was decided to hold DPC again for the APCCF post for Thosare alone. The Principal Secretary,  Bhupati Prasad Pandey asked for the date for DPC from the office of the Chief Secretary, but it was informed to him on 30-10-2009 that Chief Secretary wants the DPC to be done only after new government takes the oath. ( I do not know which new government they were talking about in year 2009).

Later , a date was given by Chief Secretary for DPC to be held on 26-11-2009. But J.P. Dange has again postponed the DPC date without informing the new date of DPC. It is pertinent to note here that for the DPC of APCCF, a representative of the rank of Chief Secretary from MOEF, New Delhi is required to be there as member of the committee. Hence to inform him about the next  date of DPC  minimum 15 days time is required to be given to him. Hence on 11-1-2010 a note was put up to Principal Secretary Forests, BP Pande . When this was submitted to Chief Secretary again had not given any date for the DPC.


On 23-4-2010, Pradeep Kumar, Joint Secretary had submitted a mischievous note to ACS Forests, BP Pande mentioning that as per the directions given by  Chief Secretary during the DPC dated 20th July 2009, that while considering the name of Prakash Thosare, his  involvement must be checked in the land matter of Pune district in which, Hon’ble Supreme court has appointed an SIT. Since JP Dange was Forest Secretary before becoming Chief Secretary, Maharashtra, he was aware of that there was strong reason to believe about involvement of Prakash Thosare in land matters of Pune (violations of Forest conservation act for alleged monetary gains) . Further, it was necessary since at the relevant time Thosare was working as Chief Conservator  of Forests, Pune. The reason for this belief was based on Thosare giving a clean chit to the then  DCF Pune in Ritchi Rich and Ajmera cases of ill repute.

Pradeep Kumar deliberately, not mentioned in the note that SIT was appointed by Hon’ble Supreme court in ill famous Ritchi Rich Society case, wherein CEC has recommended to the Chief Secretary, Maharashtra to take deterrent action against Prakash Thosare , who was the then Chief Conservator of Forests , Pune. Needless to mention  that in its final report to the Supreme court, CEC has recommended prosecution against senior officers of the Forest and Revenue department. Thus, though  Prakash Thosare is to face serious case of corruption,  prosecution & departmental enquiry in case of Ritchi Rich Society, this was not mentioned in the note submitted by Pradeep Kumar on  23-4-2010. On the contrary,  to dilute the case of Thosare, he mentioned in the note that there was only one case against Ashok Khadse for violation of conservation act for the period  when Khadse was DCF Junnar. And for this, a minor penalty charge sheet has been given to Khadse. Thus, according to Pradeep Kumar, only in this minor penalty case involvement of Thosare  & Asthana should be ascertained from HOFF, Nagpur. And accordingly, Government has called a report on involvement of Thosare & Asthana in this minor penalty case and left the actual case of Major penalty, in which, action was directed by the CEC against Thosare. And it was this case, which chief secretary has directed to report upon and not  the minor penalty one. ( Thus you can see how Joint Secretaries play with facts leading to extremely bad and mischievous decisions).

An honest but very inefficient HOFF , CS Joshi,  vide his letter no. Desk-9/IFS/DE/CR28/143 2010-11 dated 18-5-2010 had not given clean chit to Thosare, when he was asked to give comment on role of Thosare  & Asthana. He informed government that there are lots of discrepancies in the behaviour and conduct of Thosare. Hence Government should call explanation directly and consider further action.

When HOFF did not give his clearance to Thosare, then BP Pande , ACF Forests had initiated a note on 1-6-2010 mentioning that if departmental enquiry is not in progress then promotion can not be stopped and sealed cover procedure can be adopted in the matter. Hence in the DPC of 16-6-2010, claims of  Prakash Thosare, Shirish Asthana & Tasneem Ahamad were considered. But since a charge sheet was already issued to Shirish Asthana, his integrity certificate was not issued. BP Pande IAS must explain why it took more than one year to put a note that sealed cover procedure is required to be adopted in this case that too when HOFF declined to give clean chit to Thosare. Was he  so inefficient Secretary Forests or was it his mischief ? ( Money can make you do any thing in Mumbai Secretariat).

It is to remind our readers  that DE is always done for  misconduct, and integrity can not be clubbed with it. If an officer slaps his boss, DE can be started against him. But in such matter or because of DE in such cases  can delinquent officer’s integrity  be withheld ? Thus, withholding of Asthana’s integrity can only be explained by  Pradeep Kumar and BP Pande.

Finally, on 16-6-2010 DPC cleared promotion of Thosare. On 18-6-2010 Pradeep Kumar proposed Thosare to be posted to APCCF (HR) and SWH Naqvi as Director Social Forestry. JP dange approved it on 19-6-2010. File duly approved by Chief Minster came back to ACS on 16-7-2010 and then orders were issued.

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  1. Wonderful story and wonderful investigative work. Some one guessed well it to be a biggest pseudo personality. If you are relative of Minister, this is your right. IFS association must take up this matter with Chief Secretary. How can only Mr Khetrapal was promoted when there could have been more. Can DPC be taken independently for one single person. If Tasneem Sir was considered as shown in document along with Asthana Sir and Thosare Sir then how before two years he was again considered in a separate DPC after this DPC ? The one , which is being reconsidered after CM’s intervention. Kindly update us. It is wonderful.

  2. Has any reporting officer written in Mr Thosare’s ACR that he does not do any thing and takes credit of his subordinates hard work. I bet if he can recognise ten trees in jungle and three birds which he so called watches everyday. Free kee daru se kaam nahi chalta hain . Sir take care of next promotion, would not be easy.

  3. Worth waiting 48 hrs. It is very sad that Mantralaya has become a place for such manipulations. If ACS and CS start manipulating promotions of APCCF and delaying promotions for more than one year then it can only be said to be our own fault. Our association is useless. Office bearers are there only for decorative purpose. I am sure they can not enter into the room of Chief secretary. HOFF/PCCF/APCCF sit always in the chamber of JS. Bechara JS kab tak chaay pilayega. They even have no guts to sit in Principal Secretary’s chamber. Shame on us. They can only rule forest officials, tahsildar se bhee kuchh kaam nahi karwa sakte.

    • Agadi barobar aahe saheb. Gutless HOFF/PCCF. Tahsildar jaane dijiye saheb, railway kaa reservation bhee VIP quota se nahi karwa sakte. They can only chargesheet poor subordinates. Barobar aahe shame shame. IFS association murdabad. Sharm karo.

  4. There are still some people who are talking about the IFS association !!!!! HAhahahahah. What to talk about this association when the members do not attend the meetings, do not participate in elections. What happened during the last 5-6 years ? The so called elected persons ran the association only for their personal benefits as a private Ltd. company.

  5. Congrats dear, you have demoted Mr.B.P.Pandey from ACS to ACF, though he even does not deserve to be an ACF.

  6. King of Forest says:

    Yaar ……. comments are better than story.

  7. Emperor of Forests says:

    Lage Raho Munna Bhai

  8. Writer of this forum seems to be targeting only few persons. I do not mean that he is doing wrong. I also know that these are not stories but presentation of facts in logical manner with hard evidences. But there are many bigger sharks in the ocean. Why do not you expose them ? But sum & substance of these efforts are that these will certainly put things in right perspective. Kindly expose other fig fishes also.

  9. Boss of Boss says:

    We were thinking that time of Initial recruits was very bad. But look what is the situation now? JN Saxena, CS Joshi, B Majumdar, Gogate were some of the worst PCCFs. Department had gone at least twenty years back during their tenure. And it is better if we do not talk about association. Association is President of India. At the most, president & secretary can take care of their postings and ACRs. Though you may be optimistic about bringing these rotten material in public domain, but I am not. Nothing can save this department.

  10. Why you all are targeting Pune only. Thane is bigger than this small Pune. It was also commanded by same Mangarulkar, Asthana, Jha, Sarvesh Kumar. Just look there also.

  11. And what about permanent CCF like Sarvesh Kumar ? Just work on his tenures also ? He is another Kalmadi.

  12. Corruption In Maharashtra says:

    It is requested that kindly do not become personal in your comments. This forum is to bring untold truth of officers , whose activities can otherwise be not made public. If we go personal in the comments, then this forum will lose its usefulness.

    We are also sorry, there are many comments , which we are not allowing to be published because of their obscene and very personal nature. We again request the readers to be more objective in their comments.

  13. poorforestofficer says:

    These senior Officers, who have been drawing fat salaries and have done nothing, either for their service or for the society, rather they have caused damages, are scum.

  14. Tiger of Forest says:

    Yaar, ab tum HOFF and PCCF kee DPC kee stories bhee lao. I am sure that would be worth reading for entire Maharashtra cadre along with all IFS of country.

  15. I feel we should target likes of Dange & Pande for most of recent ills of the department and do not concentrate on Mangarulkar & Thosare.

    • Who is targeting Mangarulkar and Thosare ? What one can find here are hard facts of our own officers and their bad deeds . This is not good. Carry on dear . You people are doing wonderful job of cleaning.

  16. Bangal Tiger says:

    Kal Nagpur main Mr Majumdar kee ladki kee marriage main is site ke baare main pata chala. What a site…we wish it would have come earlier. Self centered officials do not understand that for their own selves how much damage they create for the service. IFS officers en-block should avoid and boycott these kind of officers. But yaar…article main mazaa aa gaya. I do not know who you are ….but what others were telling now I know who you are Only you can do it….. Carry on.

  17. Dear Administrator,
    Kudos for your hard work and investigative journalism. Your efforts in bringing improvement and transparency in the system will be lauded by one and all.
    I think the biggest ill in the forest department lies in its transfer system. Only selected few who have loads of money (ill gotten) and good connections, can get the territorial postings of choice and thus continue making money. It appears that only few officers are born for territorial postings. It is talked that if these officers do not get territorial postings, they would probably die of suffocation/tension/insult. Sarvesh Kumar, Nigam, Shree Bhagwan, Thorat, Mangrulkar, Munde, Anurag Chaudhary, Pote are some officers who are made for territorial postings. Mangrulkar tops the list of all. He has been in Thane Dn for 6 yrs, Pune Dn 6 yrs, Mantralaya 5 yrs and now it is learnt that he has been chosen to become CCF Nagpur for next 6 yrs. And probably the Forest Minister might have given him the assurance that even after retirement, he will be given extension to become PCCF (HOFF) of the department. What an efficient officer!!! He is the one who is singularly responsible for not letting the cadre review of IFS of Maharashtra happen in the year 2007. Many officers are paying the heavy price of his follies. Why Thorat got posting in Thane, Sarvesh in Borivali, Pote in Kolhapur?
    You please raise these issues through this medium so that in sbkee …………. ek ho jai. Let ACB start enquiry of their transfer orders and let their assets be enquired by ACB. Pl take up the matter with CM / Forest Minister / DG, ACB.
    Good job done. keep it up.

    • I agree with comments. There are only five six officers in the cadre , who have amassed wealth. They are the one , who always get territorial postings. HOFF is not taking any action. Association is defunct. HOFF must write to the DG ACB to start inquiries against them. On the contrary, HOFF though might be honest, but due to fear of these officers, would write their ACR either very good or excellent. Kick them off. There should be transfer policy of the department like in IPS. HOFF, Sir, Kindly do some thing. Also allow other to talk and try to develop habit of listening. If you talk to the point…. things would be clearer for you also for department. Though , we do not expect much from you…but looking for your tenure..there can be some hope.

  18. Boss,
    After reading your revelation about the way in which promotions of IFS officers are being dealt with or handled by IAS officers, one can only say that these people at top (CS/ ACS/PS) are treating IFS with scorn. They are enjoying fuc…. us and we are enjoying being fuc…. Nobody is raising any voice. It means that we have become a bunch of eunuchs. Why to blame IAS? What about our own people? Two people ramained at the helm of affairs of IFS Association for 4-5 years. What did they do? They also did the same thing what IAS is doing to us. For their own selfish gain, they did not let the cadre review happen for almost 3 years. But what has been done to them? In other services, they would have been battered. But no. we are IFS. We are eunuchs.
    Are Salon, Ab To Jago. Budhape Me Hi Sahi, kuch To Mardangi Dikhao.
    Get united and fight for your own survival. Strengthen the Association. Join it in full strength. Single out enemies from within ourself and finish them. And then fight outside. Else, perish.

  19. Tiger of Tigers says:

    I am totally in agreement with Uma about some officers occupying coveted postings. This is always because of very week HOFF/PCCF. I also agree with one point some one said here that HOFF/PCCF etc have no guts to sit in Principal Secretary’s room. I do not understand the logic that if they feel Secretary ke yahaan nahi rest kar sakte kyo kee wo bada aadami hai to phir JS ke clerical size ke camber main kyo crowd karte ho bhai? JS to Secretary se bhee jyada busy rahta hai.

  20. Poor Tigress says:

    Yes, we must unite to weed out such kangaroos from the department. Look at the one ex JS from Mumbai, even in marriage of Majumdar’s daughter, he was fully drunk. he comes before HOFF always tight (Ratan Noora). HOFF can not dare to tell him to get out of the room. What does it suggest?

  21. Senior officer from Nagpur says:

    I am using this forum to communicate with HOFF. In past also, good and Intelligent PCCFs were finally proven to be detrimental for the department. The simple reason was that they could not use the human resources properly. Sir, if you see that department is having history of having Kande, Sule, Ghanekar, Jiwarajika, Sree Bhagawan, Navin Singh, Mangarulkar , Khadse type of officers, who can get any job done for welfare of the department. But look here what HOFF is doing ? Indifferent towrads them for what I do not know. Sir, you can bring still-serving officers to one common platform with assigned jobs for the good of Maharashtra forestry sector. For 3 years there was no statutory cadre review. No postings for one year even after notification. 27 years service and still CF. 32 years services and still CCF. Do not you think that you should take step to use your good offices to put these resourced person on job. Sir, in RAW & IB work should be done, irregularities required for the jobs are overlooked and this practice is an integral part of acceptable management.
    I wish to see some times when Raj Thakre becomes our HOFF and we reach on top of the table.

  22. Corruption In Maharashtra says:

    Dear Readers,
    We have started this forum to bring out in public domain, untold secrets of the Government departments leading into corrupt practices. We also respect your Fundamental right to expression. But it seems that this forum is becoming a forum of Forest officers of Maharashtra cadre. May we request you to kindly express your opinions & views with some sobriety. Our moderation panel is really finding it difficult to maintain a balance between Right to expression & character assassination. We request again to maintain dignity and objectivity of this really required website.

    • hemant chhajed says:

      The persons who failed to get promoted as A.P.C.C.F. got promoted as P.C.C.F. in state of Maharashtra.

  23. IFS Maharashtra says:

    There is only one solution to our problems. These HOFF/PCCFs/APCCFs should change their mentality. They must believe that their mental status has also grown from DFO to PCCF. Look at Khetrapal sir, he always feels to use a car and wants his CF to use a sumo. Shame on him. Still PCCFs are busy in “cheques to RFO and mustor roll syndrome”. If your forum permits… I will send you their acts for publication in support of my expressed views. Look how IAS officers behave and take care of their junior officers in public.

    • friendofforests says:

      Every body knows Khetarpal and his misdeeds. He gets sadistic pleasure in humiliating his helpless subordinates. The moment Govt. permitted the officers of Pr.Secretary rank to buy a car worth 7.5 lakhs, he immediately disposed off his esteem (only 2-3 years old) and bought a new Ford Fiesta.

      Jane de yaar in logon ko jate-jate maze kar lene de, retire hone ke baad to inhen koi puhchenega bhee nahin.

  24. all the ifs cadre of maharastra is deshdrohi

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