PEAG filed complaint with DG ACB Maharashtra in CBO loot by IFS officers posted in Nagpur Forest Circle:

12.24.2012 · Posted in All

As we found that administratively office of the HOFF is only involved in hushing up this very serious financial embezzlement by IFS officers, in great Forest Loot, as promised a criminal complaint has been filed with DG Anti Corruption Bureau , Mumbai today by PEAG. As per discussion held in Mumbai, suitable action would be started in the matter immediately. We have to take this action, as after effects of this loot would badly reflect in future forest crop. We can not administratively rely during current regime in Nagpur.

7 Responses to “PEAG filed complaint with DG ACB Maharashtra in CBO loot by IFS officers posted in Nagpur Forest Circle:”

  1. I really congratulate PEAG for taking this very strong action. As this complaint is based on documentary evidences, now God fathers can not save the white collared black persons.
    I request CIM to conduct inquiries against Shreebhagawan’s various tenures. CIM would get ample evidence totaling more than all IFS together.

    • A stake holder says:

      And the loot continues! Look at the sheer brazenness! Funds have been released again for natural regeneration from 13th Fin. Com. last week! Predictably, the y will again be siphoned off through false vouchers. Natural Regeneration in a season when growth stops and fire season starts! To top it all, the harvesting operations are in full swing! Bravo! Who cares too hoots about PEAG and its compalints to the ACB! These days everything is manageable!

  2. Ex senior officer says:

    I tried finding out many cases against the said person, a charge sheet was also submitted to the government , but he could manage the minister and got his promotion. Well done PEAG

  3. Ex senior officer says:

    Mohan Jha, Shreebhagawan, Mishra, and one or two more IFS officers are blue eyed boys of Pardeshi saheb. They were working with him in Amrawati. Now one of them is relative of present HOFF. So how can you take any action against them. There is a big cartel in Nagpur.

  4. CIM must take some action in Nagpur/Tadoba wildlife story, which was hushed up by interested parties. At least it becomes clear now that there are other ways also to treat these dark black sheep. Boss set them right. Only you can do that. God bless you.

  5. Look towards besharm HOFF office. Now Principal Secretary is telling us that ladies forest officials should be given proper job. But till this was informed by Secretary these IFS officers never thought this . Now Lady IFS officers are telling yes their services can be used by us. Shame . We must change HOFF . he is the shame of the department. Till now no initiative in the department during his tenure. jab akal hogi tab hee to kaam karegnge. Cross word and table tennis se forest department nahi chalta hai.
    New breed of psycophants are congratulating each other in IFS group. Shit.

  6. IFS group is now being used for Happy birthdays. Most of the IFS officers are less than RFOs in IQ. Never any technical discussion barring once or twice. Sharm nahi aati in IFS ko. Delhi se vapas aaye gobar le kar.

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