Forest department trying to save corrupt officer in its report: Story being repeated : Corruption by holy-cows of Maharashtra cadre IFS :: Tiger Reserves & National parks used for non-forestry purpose for misappropriation of large sums of money by these IFS officers. It’s like raping a girl in the police station by police men. DC PANT the then PCCF W/L misled the Legislature while answering a calling attention motion on the subject::Exemplary punishment required:

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In a blatant violation of provisions of :

  • Forest Conservation Act, 1980
  • NTCA (National Tiger Conservation Authority) guidelines (WLP Act 1972),
  • Maharashtra Treasury Rules, 1968,
  • Bombay Forest Manual & various Government resolutions,
  • Chief Wildlife Warden’s standing instructions
  1. Nand Kishore IFS the then CCF Wild Life Nagpur,
  2. S.H. Patil, IFS the then Director , Tadoba National Park,
  3. Mohan Jha IFS the then Field Director Pench Tiger Reserve and
  4. Anil Saxena IFS (as reported by AG in it’s report, though CIM has not reached it’s finding on him as yet)

had misappropriated Government money to the tune of approx Rs  3 crores  with the help of one NGO viz. Gramapayogi Vigyan Kendra (Centre of science for villages), Duttpur, Wardha. When this story was broken by SP Thakare IFS, who took charge of Field Director Tadoba National Park from SH Patil, vide his letter dated 16-9-2009 addressed to Chief Conservator of Forest, W/L Nagpur and videletter dated  11-2-2010 to  PCCF WL, instead  of taking action against guilty forest officers, cover up operation started . Dr Nand Kishore was CCF W/L Nagpur at that time.

Serious criminality and Financial Irregularities in Tadoba National Park :

As per documents available with CIM, in Tadoba National Park, entire money was drawn without any completion or in most of the cases start of  work.  Once this misappropriation was brought to the notice of Dr Nand Kishore by new Field Director of Tadoba , Sanjay Thakre,  Field Director was asked to get the job completed by the said Gramapayogi Vigyan Kendra after six months of the full payment made to them in the next financial year.  Thus it is case of misappropriation of government money and when theft was made public, they started completing the works of construction. Result: Whistle blower was transferred because of clout of these  holy cows.

Sanctioning of Project under gross violation of FC Act:

On 12-5-2008, the Field Director Tadoba had sent a continuous proposal of Rs 80 lacs to government through CCF WL Nagpur for Eco-tourism works. The close look of the same would reveal that these works include;

  • Canteen waiting room,
  • Construction of Holiday home and its beautification
  • Road constructions,
  • Boundary fencing
  • Souvenirs shop
  • Interpretation centre

None of these items can be made in the Tiger reserves without clearence under FC Act, as informed by Government of India.

Government of Maharashtra vide GR dated 2-3-2009 has sanctioned under the head “ Sanrakshit kshetrateel Nisarg Paryatan Vikas” for the financial year 2008-09

  • Rs 95 lacs  for Tadoba national Park.
  • Rs 1 crore 9 lacs for Pench Tiger Reserve
  • While sanctioning this financial provisions, Government Resolution was very categorical that under no condition there should be any breach of provisions of Forest Conservation Act. This was the only specific condition of GR dated 2-3-2009.

Government has accorded administrative sanction vide GR dated 4-2-2009 for construction of Holiday home and well furnished waiting room in Tiger –Andheri Tiger Reserve for the year 2008-09. This was also in gross violation of FC ACT and NTCA guidelines.

Siphoning of Government money against the established Laws, Rules & Regulations through  one NGO in active collaboration by these holy cows:

  1. Modus operandi of these Corrupt officials:
  • a)      Once financial and administrative sanction were obtained, these  IFS officers ( Dr Nand Kishore, Dr Mohan Jha, Anil Saxena &  S.H.Patil)  hatched a criminal conspiracy and without calling for open Tenders as required  under the financial rules and regulations; granted the job of construction to their favoured NGO,  “Centre for science for villages, Dattapur, Wardha”. It is very important to understand that whether it is Chandrapur, Bhandara or Nagpur district, there was only this NGO, who was allotted such huge works without calling tenders  and all these areas were under Nand Kishore.
  • b)      Though there are government of Maharashtra’s various GRs indicating that public tenders must be called, when job to be awarded on contract is of more than Rs 2 lacs. Even Forest department’s circular dated 11-2-1993 also categorically mentions for open tenders to be called, if value of contract is more than Rs 2 lacs; but these officials had not called any tender for the same and works of crores had been allotted to the said NGO for their personal shares.
  • c)      Very surprisingly, Field Directors have entered in an MOU on Rs 100/- stamp paper with Centre of Science for Villages, Dattapur-Wardha. One such MOU  dated 24-10-2008 is attached here.  Where from these officials have got this idea of entering into an MOU with very objectionable conditions, is not known to CIM.
  • d)     It seems these holy cows  had got the idea from a tribal department GR dated 30-7-2008,which is squarely applicable for Government of India’s Central Special assistance scheme for constructions of houses for tribals. But by no stretch of imagination this GR could be applicable in the case of Eco-tourism schemes of Government of Maharashtra.
  • e)      These holy cows have put a very strange condition in said MOU at 3, which reads as,” Payment under Its MOU: Payment to the second party (read NGO) for the construction of work will be released by the First party ( read as Field Director) as an advance:- On signing the agreement  :  100% of the total cost.”
  • f)       Hence, against all provisions of financial rules, 100% payment was made to the NGO without any start of work.
  • g)      As per the condition of the said MOU, all the works were required to be completed by 21-3-2009.
  • h)      Holy cows ensured that there were no measurement books of these works  maintained  till whole episode was opened by Thakare.
  • i)        No work order was released to contractor, because to release the work order,  EMD of 1% and security of 2% deposit  were required from the contractor as per CCF WL MS circular dared 11-2-1993.
  • j)        While making payment , as per Government order 4% VAT was required to be deducted, if VAT was exempted, even then 2% VAT was required to be deducted, which was not done in any case for this NGO.
  • k)      While making payment to the contractor, as per government directives issued from time to time, Income tax @ 2%, Surcharge @ 10% and Education cess @ 3% were required to be deducted and deposited in the treasury.
  • l)        All these were reported by Thakare to Nand Kishore vide letter dated 16-9-2009  and  to  A.K.Joshi, the then PCCF wild life vide letter dated 11-02-2010.m)    No permission under Forest Conservation Act, 1980 was obtained at any place.

2.  Applicable Financial Rules in this case:

Rule 380 of Maharashtra Treasury Rules 1968 reads as follows:

  • a)      “Payments to suppliers & contractors:  Unless in any case the Government after consultation with the Accountant General directs otherwise, payments for all the works done other-wise than by daily labour and for all supplies shall be made on the basis of measurement recorded in the measurement books kept for the purpose. Claims for such payments shall be prepared as far as possible by the claimants themselves in authorized form of bills and vouchers and no payment other than an advance payment  may be authorized unless the correctness of claim in in respect of quantities and rates, as well as the qualities of the work done or supplies made have been accepted and all calculations carefully checked by a responsible officer.”

Rule 200 of Bombay Forest Manual Vol 1, chapter XIX reads as follows:

  • b)      No money should be withdrawn from the treasury unless it is required for the immediate payment. It is not permissible to draw advances from the treasury either for prosecution of works, completion of which is likely to take considerable time or to prevent of lapse of appropriation.”

Rule 202 of Bombay Forest Manual Vol 1, chapter XIX reads as  follows:

  • c)      All charges incurred must be paid and drawn at once and under no circumstances may they be allowed to stand over to be paid from the grant of another year. If possible, expenditure should  be postponed till the preparation of new budget has given an opportunity of making provision and till the sanction of that budget has supplied means. But on no accounts the charges be actually incurred in one year and thrown on the grants of another year”.
  • d)     Circular issued by Chief Conservator of Wild life MS, Nagpur dated 11-2-1993.

Thus there is no confusion on following points as far as Financial irregularities are concerned:

  • a)      No work of construction, which is more than Rs 2 lacs, can be given without inviting tenders.
  • b)      No payment can be made to the contractor until and unless measurement has been taken, recorded and verified.
  • c)      No payment can be made until and unless quality of the work done, is ascertained and verified by a responsible officer.
  • d)     Work order can not be issued until and unless 1% earnest deposit and 2% security deposit are taken from contractor .
  • e)      Payment can not be made until and unless 2% Income tax TDS, 4% VAT and 3% education cess are deducted from the paid amount.
  • f)       All charges incurred must be paid and drawn at once and under no circumstances may they be allowed to stand over to be paid from the grant of another year. And this can be done only when work has been completed in the same financial year.


Special celestial situation at HOFF office at Nagpur:

When all these extremely serious financial misappropriation was going on in Tadoba & Pench, a very unique celestial situation , which occurs once in a million year, occurred. HOFF- CS Joshi, PCCF WL-AK Joshi, CCF WL Nagpur-Nand Kishore & PCCF WL in pipeline-DC Pant, all these officers were  from the same small area of Uttarakhand state in India.  This was the Kavach & Kundal of Nand Kishore and he survived and instead of getting suspended, got promotion to the APCCF because of these four holy cows.

Criminal Conspiracy & Execution of ill-sanctioned work under gross violations of FOREST CONSERVATION ACT  1980 & NTCA guidelines:

  1. It can be seen that Government of India has very categorically informed vide letter dated 28-12-2010 that even for construction of Eco-Tourism complexes, even for Forest officers, permission is required under FC ACT 1980.
  2. Similarly, “NTCA of Government of India vide letter No. 10-32/2010-NTCA, dated 29-12-2010has clarified that clearance is required under FC Act, 1980 for any non-forestry activity including th construction of Eco-tourism complexe and interpretation centre on forest land including the protected area. The provisions of the Act are applicable on the Forest officials as well”. This was informed by Government of India vide letter dated 4-4-2011.
  1. In 2007,  both Pench and TATR, were declared as CRITICAL TIGER HABITAT OR CORE, with special emphasis on the conservation and breeding of tigers. These CORE areas were supposed to be kept  ‘ INVIOLATE’ meaning free of disturbances.
  2. In the TIGER PROJECTS hence the policy is to relocate the villages outside the CORE areas.
  3. In a series of guidelines for management of tourism inside these CORE areas an important circular was issued in 14th dec 2007 . As per these circular the tourist facilities existing inside were to be shifted outside the core or  in the buffer areas. Similar circular was issued earlier on 9-4-2003.
  4. In TATR, owing to these rules the old FOREST REST HOUSE built way back in early 60s was shifted outside from 1st April 2008. [ State Government did shift Rest house only after Government of India threatened to stop installment of central assistance.]
  5. Dear Readers,  on this background it is really shocking to see that wholesale construction of Rest houses, dormitories, Interpretation Centres were carried out by Maharashtra Wild Life Wing officials in 2008-09, within a year of these guidelines.
  6. Interestingly, with greed to earn money/grants from state government, these Holy cows  were fully aware that
  • non forest lands are rarely available inside the core and other Protected Areas.
  • Since there exists a condition in GR releasing grants  by State Government,  that  there should not be any violation of FC ACT 1980, hence these officials falsely certified to the PCCF office that no violation of FC ACT had been  done and consequently they got the grants released  in crores and gave to their friend NGO and later on distributed the same amongst themselves , as alleged.

7.    In number  of local dailies in Vidarbha, there were detailed reports of these violations, which were published  way back in 2010, but the Wild Life Wing thought it fit not to respond only to cover up this huge misappropriation.

Pench Tiger Reserve:

Pench Tiger reserve was allotted maximum money by Dr Nandkishore for such blatant violation of FC Act and Government of India’s circulrs and NTCA guidelines. The list of such work in Pench Tiger reserve show that all these works were carried out by Dr Mohan Jha., who was the then Field Drector Project Tiger, Pench.  The list of works in Pench Tiger reserve shows following :

  • All works of non-foresrty activities were carried out in Reserve forest.
  • No sanction was obtained under FC Act 1980 for any such work.
  • Almost all the jobs were given to same good friend NGO of Holy cows, Gramapoyogi Vigyan Kendra, Duttapur, Wardha.

Accountant General Audit for period 1-8-2009 to 31-7-2010 :

  • AG in its inspection report has found out that work to the tune of Rs 91601/-  had been sanctioned & allotted to contractor without tender.
  • Money was paid to the contractor without job  was actually done.
  • No staututory deductions were made like TDS, VAT, Education cess etc.
  • AG Auditors were paid bribes not to report this 100% payment without any job, misappropriation of government money and put this case in minor irregularities by not reporting all these in it’s report.

Bizarre explanation by Field Director Pench :

Field Director Pench vide his letter dated 26-10-2010 had come with such bizarre explanation, which can put anybody’s head in shame. All his explanations are against the established rules and regulations. We request readers to kindly must read his explanation after downloading it. We do not want to repeat the same ,which we have written in Part 1 of this report.

  • He even tried to say that Tribal department GR dated 30-7-2008 is a recommendary letter by deputy secretary to him.
  • Look here, he says that he had paid 100% money to contractor without any job because otherwise grants would have been lapsed. No point reminding you here  about treasury rues and provisions of BFM.

Complaint by  Mr Sudhir Mungattiwar, MLA :

  • Mr Mungattiwar had complained to PCCF Maharashtra State vide his letter dated 15-1-2010. He made specific complained about what we have said above.
  • AK Joshi, the then PCCF Wild life had forwarded the complaint to the same person against whom complaint was made, viz, Nand Kishore, vide his letter dated 1-2-2010.
  • Nand Kishore vide his letter dated 6-2-2010 informed to PCCF that there is nothing wrong in the whole matter. So do not worry.
  • Then again Mr Mungattiwar had complained to PCCF MS about this serious corruption case vide his letter dated 21-8-2010. But PCCF had not taken any action in this matter.
  • Then again Mr Mungattiwar had complaint to Forest Minister in this regard vide his letter dated 30-8-2010.
  • Still neither  CS Joshi then &  AK Joshi now had not precipitated any action even after this expose by none other than President Maharashtra BJP. This only because Nand Kishore is part of Holy quadra . Allegations are that they have not taken money but got their flats repaired and interior of their flats done through the same NGO without paying him any money . Quid Pro Quo. Cash money was taken by Jha and Patil.
  • Finally Mr Mungattiwar has complained to the Speaker of the Maharashtra state legislative assembly vide his letter dated 24-3-2011. Speaker had directed Forest department to submit the urgent report on complaint. But the same has not reached to Speaker as yet.

Calling Attention Motion in Legislative assembly under Rule 105 by Mr Eknath Khadse, MLA, Leader of the opposition:

Mr Eknath Khadse has raised this serious issue of corruption through Lakshyavedhi suchana. But Joshi, and DC Pant in connivance with Nand Kishore had misled the house and through Minister Forest given absolutely bogus, false and wrong information to the legislature. Readers are advised to go through the reply given by Minister to house.

High court Mumbai order in PIL No. 29/2007

It is recommended to every forest officer to read this order dated 5-6-2008 of the Hon’ble High court, wherein for similar case, High court had directed to file a criminal case in Police station against more than 30 forest officers. Investigation to be done by senior police officer. Departmental enquiry to be completed within 6 months and out come to be reported to High court. Case was of Kolhapur Circle of the year 2007.

Harassment of whistle Blower :

The cover up operation started immediately after 16/9/2009 report of Thakre. As per the norms of the Forest Deptt. and AG, any misappropriation/embezzlement, if reported, must be checked by the supervisory officer ( Nandkishor and AKJ in this case).But not even a single visit was paid by these officers to any of these complex sites located at  3 main entrance gates of TATR, for obvious reasons.

Very surprisingly, Head of the Forest force instead of recommending suspension of Nand Kishore, Mohan Jha, SH Patil and AK saxena who are prima face guilty of such blatant corruption, mismanagement and criminality; had recommended transfer of SP Thakare vide his letter dated 29-4-2010.  This was done on the recommendation of Nand Kishore dated 31-3-2010.

The entire transfer file of SP Thakare including JS, Principal Secretary, Chief Secretary, Minister and Chief Minister’s notings can be seen here for your information. This will give you inside of how PCCF and JS can mis-administer the state department.

Action required to be taken:

  1. Criminal cases should be booked against prima face guilty under provisions of Prevention of Corruption Act 1988.
  2. Criminal complaint be filed under the provisions of Forest Conservation Act 1980 against prima face guilty.
  3. Criminal cases be booked under sect 26 of IFA and relevant section of Wild Life protection Act 1972.
  4. Immediate suspension be recommended against Nand Kishore, Mohan Jha, SH Patil .
  5. Charge sheet under MCS (D&A) Rules and pension Rules should be given both  DC Pant & CS Joshi for misleading the legislature.


  1. Every IFS officer of Forest department would be free to sign an MOU with his/her friend NGO alloting jobs of worth crores without inviting tenders, causing serious financial loss to the Government. They will take plea that HOFF/Government has approved such practice and Maharashtra Treasury Rules,  Bombay Forest Manual and other related Financial Resolutions and circulars are redundant.
  2. There would be no need for taking any bank loan . Pay 100%  amount in crore to anyone on MOU. Put them in real estate or stock and earn double without any bank interest to be paid in future . If caught by some one, then ask MOU friend to complete the work .
  3. It is a matter of simple understanding that had an advertisement  been released calling tenders at that time then there would have been many such NGOs , who would have submitted their quotes, and Jha & Patil would have given contracts to them who quoted lowest,  instead of Nand Kishore’s one.
  4. It is surprising that in one of the explanation given by Nand Kishore , he says that NGO is not a contractor and he is only NGO. Mr Nand Kishore   … then what has been awarded to this NGO…   Is your MOU not a contract/agreement  and your NGO a contractor ?

Reminder to PCCF:

Check your office record. Navin Singh was charge sheeted for drawing 40000/- for computer advance, an advance , which was duly sanctioned by Government and informed by PCCF to CF Aurangabad. According to charge sheet , CF had not informed DCF Aurangabad to with draw that money. It is a different matter that CAT has quashed that charge sheet.

We leave it to the wisdom of our readers to judge  behaviour of DC Pant, AK Joshi & CS Joshi in  this whole episode. You can be proud of on their behaviour as member of so called esteemed club of IFS officers.


4 Responses to “Forest department trying to save corrupt officer in its report: Story being repeated : Corruption by holy-cows of Maharashtra cadre IFS :: Tiger Reserves & National parks used for non-forestry purpose for misappropriation of large sums of money by these IFS officers. It’s like raping a girl in the police station by police men. DC PANT the then PCCF W/L misled the Legislature while answering a calling attention motion on the subject::Exemplary punishment required:”

  1. This report was published in the CIM earlier, but editorial board felt to bring it again on fore in the given circumstances, because this topic is in the news and Government of Maharashtra and HOFF Maharashtra have to take a position in the matter::

    Ex PCCF WL says:
    10/07/2011 at 12:39 am
    We agree that there was a great mistake in dealing with this case. Our sincere apology.

    CCF says:
    10/07/2011 at 12:40 am
    Are we going to demolish the buildings illegally constructed ? HOFF must recommend recovery from guilty.

    Another CCF says:
    10/07/2011 at 12:41 am
    We can wait till Adarsh’s result come.

    Yet Another CCF says:
    10/07/2011 at 12:43 am
    Who should go to jail for FC ACT violations and Illegal tree felling done in the reserve forest for making these buildings. When Forest Minister, Swaroop Singh Naik and ACS Khot can go to Jail then it is a fit case for what you say … for holy cows.

    Coward anonymous says:
    10/07/2011 at 12:24 pm
    A. K. Joshi is too valuable an asset for the Hon’ble Minister to lose this way! He is perhaps the only officer in the dept. with a newborn’s intellect and can be manipulated at will. You should have witnessed the way this worthy was pushed over by the new Prin. Secy. ( Forests ) the other day, who appears to have effectively taken over as de facto HOFF! Dear CS & DC have already retired to live inconspicuous lives that they deserve! Dear NK has a few days more to settle scores with his perceived enemies before he retires to the hills of Kumaon! Dear AKS and HOFF have much in common. MJ is fast transforming into a modern day Shakuni. Watch your back CIM! It might be your turn to be consigned to the gallows! As for action against the holy cows, just wait for the OPERATION CLEAN UP to activate with willing support of new Secy! Once all the pawns are in place, even the trojen would end up hurting itself.


    Forest officer, nagpur says:
    10/07/2011 at 12:44 am
    First thing should be that these officers should be removed from Wild life postings.

    Coward anonymous says:
    10/07/2011 at 12:31 pm
    And who will replace them? Ramanuj Choudhari, who is the senior most IFS officers trained in WL in the State? Shri Bhagwan, who is the founding father of rehabilitation projects in PAs in the State? ( Remember Bhagwanpur. the resettlement village of TATR? ). A.K. Jha, who so ably managed the WL Circle of Nashik? Nitin K. who would rather go on study leave than be part of this mess again? Or, other unwilling officers from the HOLY COWS RANCH!

    Forest officer, Pune says:
    10/07/2011 at 12:46 am
    I can assure you that Nand Kishore would be made to retire. but still there is provision of charge sheeting him after retirement.

    Forest officer, Pune says:
    10/07/2011 at 12:49 am
    Khetrapal Sir, Do some thing. Needle of suspicion should not point to your office any more. You are known to take action against guilty. This time it is litmus test for you. You can directly report to Government if AK Joshi stalls it.

    Boss of Bosses says:
    13/07/2011 at 4:01 pm
    It seems that you are new in Maharashtra, thats why you are expecting some thing good from a person who is known to do only wrongs.

    One of the CCF , Nasik says:
    10/07/2011 at 12:49 am
    CIM you are doing wonderful job. I salute you .

    FS says:
    10/07/2011 at 10:30 pm
    Nothing will happen in this case. They are trying to pocket the principal Secretary. Khetrapal would not do any thing. But one thing is good after this case , no body would be charge sheated for financial irregularities.

    I request you now to concentrate more on serious corruption of these Holy cows & their pilley (youngsters). I will send serious cases of Shree bhagawan to you. You would get matter on him for more than one year .

    Hope you would publish them without bias of his being President of IFS association.

    Another coward forester says:
    11/07/2011 at 11:43 am
    Are people aware of the huge fraudulent expenditure made during 2007 in Thane? It was about 40 Crores! Dears CS ; DC Pant sat on it for infinity and ensured that it was buried. heard, that the same officer repeated the crime in Thane next year and more than 60 crores were bungled! And who was the CCF incharge? Heard, he is now tipped as the next APCCF ( BPD)!

    CIM says:
    13/07/2011 at 9:03 am
    Dear Readers…
    We are constantly receiving so many matters along with documents. CIM thanks all the senders of such material. Kindly undestand that publication of reports on CIM would be only after such materials, which are sent by readers , are verified. Hence , if publication of any report is delayed then , no other motive should be attributed to it. This process helps us in maintaining credibilty and authenticity of website.

    AKS says:
    13/07/2011 at 9:06 am
    Are you aware of that there was a meeting of holy cows in the PCCF office, Nagpur to find out ways to deal with CIM, a couple of days ago. It has been decided to bring in dirty cows in the group to save the interest of Holycows since one of the dirty cow is close to new Principal secretary.

    Ghanekar says:
    17/07/2011 at 10:24 am
    This is actually true that action on individuals are mostly based on subjectivity. Whatever is appearing on this website is absolutely true and truth. The analysis, applicablity of rules and regulations are also correct. We would like to see the outcome. In our time, we agree that , we were also very prejuidiced. Take the case of Navin Singh. No two opinion that he is the brightest officer of the cadre. He was made a partial Abhimanyu. The only difference is that he could not be killed by modern Kauravs, Dronacharya & Kripacharya including us. Even we were prejuidiced against him. But in last, when he was working under me I realised his potential and rated him to be an outstanding officer.

    God give courage, intelligence and application tricks to everybody as has been given to Navin. Look here I am told that he has been given ten chargesheets till now and not even in one he has been finally punished. In case he has been awarded some punishment, courts had found them malacious and quashed them. It means there are serious faults some where.

    I am further told that even this website is his brain child. Even if it is, it is extreamly good. I talked to him about it, but he refused to own this. But some how, this had given many of us ( my freinds and retired senior forest officers based in Pune) an occassion to repent for what even we had done against him. Navin , if you read it, then take this as our sincere apology.

    Navin Singh says:
    17/07/2011 at 11:51 am
    Sir, I thank you very much for your good words about me. Even most of us ( the so called “direct IFS officers” as we describe ourselves) are of the firm view that you were one of the brilliant officer of the cadre. And Sir, most of us are of the view that it was 100% much better to had you all as our bosses than these so called direct recruits.

    Sir, at least you were forthright officer, never hitting in the back. But Sir, I have no regrets. Whatever had been done to me, only made me stronger and is good for me. I am very happy, where I am. But I am worried about these junior IFS officers of the cadre. Hope now they would be treated like IAS officers by our own officers.

    Yes, unfortunately, we had successive in effective PCCFs. But AK Joshi Sir has long tenure to head the department. Hope things would be healthier during his tenure. Lots of positive things are happening in the department after his taking over as HOFF. I am optimistic about it.

    Navin’s batchmate says:
    17/07/2011 at 5:57 pm
    I absolutely agree with Navin’s observation. Sorry yaar, I am not disclosing my name due to obvious reasons. But you know who I am. Direct recruits are extremely bad bosses. Even I am a bad boss for my subordinate IFS. Most of us are extremely poor in Forestry. B. Majumdar, DC Pant, CS Joshi, Ballal, Saxena, Jwala Prasad sirs, what a bad luck for the department.

    Yaar, you have done a good job, by being out of the department. I also agree with Mr Ghanekar’s observation.

    hemant chhajed says:
    20/07/2011 at 12:28 pm
    it is not a bad luck of department, it is a bad of us that we are not at all interested to them their respective places.

    hemant chhajed says:
    22/08/2011 at 3:21 pm
    the said officer done vatola of state officers sitting in p.c.c.f. office.he protected so many I.F.S. officers from serious financial, technical,legal and criminal matters. he was purchased a chemical klin during his a.c.f. tenure at yawal division, jalgaon worth rs.34 lakhs.the machenary was not at installed fron 1969 till today. see the tragedy.

    Rakesh Gupta IFS MP says:
    17/07/2011 at 8:17 pm
    PCCF (W/L),
    Sir have you started any step in correction of this anomaly. This is really serious. We should have zero-tolerance towards destruction of Tiger habitat. Do not spare anyone .

    One of the CCF Nagpur says:
    18/07/2011 at 9:18 am
    Has anybody complained about this report to Regional CCF Bhopal ? Grape wine here is that Mohan Jha was in Amreavati earlier during Mr Pardeshi’s tenure . Hence he feels secure and only on that ground he had gone to Amravati now. Someone mentioned him to be modern Shakuni, what an appropriate name for him.

    hemant chhajed says:
    20/07/2011 at 12:26 pm
    the illegal buildings in buffer zones of tadoba are of forest officers brothers and saals. the 7/12 were shown by me to pccf wl but ex pccf mr. b.k. singhs son get noc from FD. the white collared i.f.s. constructed 8 crore rupees constructions in national parks. i personally given letter on 2nd of august 2010 to mr. clean pant but he failed to take action against criminals . reasons known to him. hon. forest minister were remind him on every tuesday mantralaya bazzar, but he reluctant to answer it. the without tender 8 crores works inqury still pending with shri a.k. saxsena.the culprints get pramotions of c.c.f. in last 8 days. see the tragedy. hans chugega zhuta dana, kauva moti khayega… this is happening in forest department. one noc given mr.khadse get suspended &another like mr.pathak and other get pramoted…..

    APCCF at Nagpur says:
    22/07/2011 at 10:38 pm
    Can HOFF explain why Mohan Jha got his posting changed within a month after being posted as CCF HRM? What was the necessity? Nobody goes to a territorial circle without undue favours from HOFF and Prin Secy. If it was Prin Secy alone as is the common knowledge than why didnt HOFF oppose it? Why favoritism to few officers. As head of the family he should have equal affections for all. After this does he have any moral right to propose and effect transfers of IFS officers?
    And let us all salute and bow our heads to the great POLEY for being the brightest star in our IFS fraternity. He is plundering the forest areas of Thane . And our beloved HOFF is watching helplessly as always. I urge you all to donate with open hearts for a fund to fix a brass statue of Poley on a horseback in van bhawan lawns with a sword in his hands pointing towards HOFFs chamber and having a caption ” touch me if you can”

    One of the Holicows says:
    23/07/2011 at 9:15 pm
    BP Pande IAS humiliated by IFS officers of Nagpur:

    Friends, are you aware of that BP Pande has joined a private firm as consultant after getting retired as Forest Secretary. Yesterday, he along with one retired IFS consultant came to Nagpur and stayed in Sun-&-sand. He invited 18 IFS officers of APCCF rank and above to a high tea at Sun & Sand. Do you know what happened there ? Only two officers viz, Khetrapal & Sarvesh kumar attended the party. Nobody went there because BP Pande was having some job in Forest land in Chandrapur for his employer company.

    Areee yaar, Pande ab to cheekatgiri karnee chhod do. Always cheekat hee rahoge.
    Tea pila ke kaam karvana chhod do. These two will drink your tea but kaam will not be done free of cost.. hahaha

    Boss of Bosses says:
    24/07/2011 at 1:07 pm
    Bhaiya inlogon ki himmat hai ki yeh log expect karte hain ki log inlogon ko retirement ke bad bhi respect den magar bhool jate hain ki jab service men the to kaise behave karte the ? Service ka kuchh bhi bhala nahin kiya, kewal nuksan hi kiya.

    hemant chhajed says:
    22/08/2011 at 3:15 pm
    ex-p.c.c.f. b.k.singh was employed by dear friend and cousin brother for 25,000 rupees.he was wondered to complete the assignment at chandrapur 4-5 times in the office of conservator of forests [t.].a great begger in forest department constructed a resort in tadoba tiger reserve. he purchase said land during his d.f.o. tenure in 1976-1980 at chandrapur. he was not a resident /domicile of maharastra. still is a resident of bihar/ zharkhand. how he can purchase a land in core zone/ buffer zone of tadoba reserve. some son of soil given n.o.c. to construct a resortin 2010.

    Chandra says:
    23/07/2011 at 9:25 pm
    There are several corruption issues one among these is about Sangali Forest Sub Division, the officer who took action against corrupt officials was suspended to protecte them, hatching conspiracy against him.

    I took the issue and filed PIL no 2/2007 and on inaction by the govt (diregarding the orders of the Hon High Court) I again prefered another PIL no101/2009 which is still pending before theHon High Court. As per the orders of the Hon High Court the ACB filed FIR against 42 corrupt officials.

    At present the corrupt officer against whom the enquiry by ACB is pending, the officers are promoted and posted to the various functional post,some are again posted to deal with public mony. I think these are the Holly Calfs

    Hello I am IFS says:
    24/07/2011 at 12:56 pm
    B.P. Pande , could you understand what is post retirement ? Pandeji these IFS officers would not recognise even their fathers after retirement. Padi laat. Aukat samajh main aayee kya?

    Retd PCCF says:
    24/07/2011 at 12:59 pm
    Why even Khetrapal and Sarvesh had gone to attend such private party, where Pande wanted to use their present postings on lower subordinates. As serving officer, one should be doubly careful with such evil practice of IAS, who are trained only in using and not to be used.

    Addl PCCF nagour says:
    24/07/2011 at 1:02 pm
    Pande is a land grabber and has more than 25 acres of land in Pune. ACB must start action against him. He has many flats in Pune, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Patna.

    hemant chhajed says:
    22/08/2011 at 3:07 pm
    mr. pande is member in forest officers colony in baner where ex c.c.f. terettorial during 1998-2001 had a flat.still today a.p.c.c.f. wild life bombay is using a vechile of a.c.f. pune for collecting rent of his flats at pune every month. so please verify his tenure land no objection certificates at pune ,aurangabad and dhule as c.c.f. territorial. you will see mirales. he is not a son of soil so is grabing money like gazani cha mahamad of forest department.

    One of the PCCF says:
    07/07/2011 at 10:07 pm
    Shame on us. It is not a question of misappropriation of government money, but it is violation of FC Act by such senior forest officers in such a blatant manner. They should be shown doors from the IFS association, and a very stron action should be recommended against them.
    I was knowing the case from hearsay. But I never thought it to be such manipulation. Joshi and Pant are responsible . Nand Kishore, why have you done so?

    Boss Van Bhavan Nagpur says:
    07/07/2011 at 10:07 pm
    Horrible. Criminal action should be initiated against Joshis, Nand Kishore, Mohan Jha, SH patil. Story is absolutely to the point. I will read all the attachment tomorrow and will come up again with my comments. Shame on us .

    One of the CCF at nagpur says:
    07/07/2011 at 10:11 pm
    We were knowing this story for long. Nandkishor saheb has manipulated entire thing since he was asst to HOFF and ex JS. Jha seems to be hit by payments of his flat. SH Patil is known for these type of corruption. But it has brought shame on the department. We must do some thing.

    IFS officer Nagpur says:
    07/07/2011 at 10:19 pm
    It is testing time for Khetrapal Sir. Dr Nandkishor is his immediate subordinate. We expect a no non-sense report and suo-motto action from Khetrapal Sir.
    Taking into account his past…there should be bomb shell dropping on these corrupt holy cows, as has been said in story.
    We request from website to inform us every document of action in this matter herein after . I am sure GOI would also take cognisance of the matter.
    Any action by AK Joshi Sir is ruled out.

    boss of bosses says:
    08/07/2011 at 8:06 pm
    What are you expecting from Khetrapal, he is extremely selfish and shrewd person and he always acts only to benefit himself or to harass some helpless officers who can not harm him. He always maintains double standard.

    Another IFS officer Nagpur says:
    07/07/2011 at 10:20 pm
    Yaar, today Principal Secretary was here in Nagpur. I wish you would have published this story earlier today.

    Ex APCCF Pune says:
    08/07/2011 at 8:44 am
    Every one in the department know that CS Joshi, DC Pant, AK Joshi , type of officers are detrimental to the growth of the department. They are mentally DFOs as some one has said in earlier post.
    Useless entities. Only keep writing in files. No vision for the department. Negative attitude to wards every thing. And they are worth 5 Rupees maximum.
    Just ask them what had they done for the department.

    Nand Kishore had certainly done grave financial irregularity. One NGO in three different divisions of same CCF W/L with similar style of functioning speak more than required. Hope Khetrapal would do some thing.

    Concerned IFS officer says:
    08/07/2011 at 10:04 am
    Boss, why do not you just work on Shree Bhagawan’s tenure at any place. It would open a can of worms.

    SK says:
    08/07/2011 at 10:48 am
    I do not know how to react. Really shameful for all of us. Foresters are violating FC ACT with impunity for their personal purpose and stopping all developmental works of other agencies. Really surprising and daring that works of this magnitude had been given to one NGO without tender. And top of the all 100% payment without works against all set norms of government.

    A DCF says:
    08/07/2011 at 10:51 am
    Why only 100% payment. Why not that there was no measurement book. No measurement recorded. No work order . No statutory deductions.
    Sir, what can be called as major financial irregulrities ? Can any one tell what was the share of distribution of this money amongst officers?

    DCF says:
    08/07/2011 at 10:54 am
    Sir, what is this MOU type of contract ? can we give this type of contract ? If yes then under which Rule ? This way we can save money on advertisement.

    Coward anonymous says:
    08/07/2011 at 12:16 pm
    Compared to what has been published earlier by the CIM, this sounds more like exposing a minor theft! The Holy Cows have a great apitite for gobbling corruption cases without even a burp and consigning them to realm of dark! NK was deliberately given additional charge of Personnel to do the cleanup besides settling scores! Just wait a while and the new Prin. Secy. ( Who, we hear, is close to Bhagwan ) will start moving to the tune of these COWS. This would soon be reflected in the postings of APCCFs / CCFs to be issued soon. All the COWs and livestock from the Gangetic plains and Himalays would be put around HOFF to continue the good work of shielding the corrupt sons of Gangetic soils! Someone has mentioned Bhagwan above! Just scrape the surface and rehabilitation story of TATR, which has been so meticulously gagged by the trioka of B. Majumdar and Holy Cows, would surface! Then, who remains clothed in the Hammam! Won’t someone introspect?

    Gupta says:
    08/07/2011 at 12:58 pm
    We can use these explanation of PCCF as order, direction and clarification for all the future work contracts. This is very useful for everyone of us.
    Now we can allot works of more than 2 lacs without calling tenders. And give it to our friend NGO.

    SFS Officer says:
    08/07/2011 at 1:25 pm
    Dear sir, nothing will happen against these holy cows.Because they know their age-old time tested formula. Never to start enquiry against one of your own kin, even if directed by a Secretary or Minister.Nandkishor is past master of this game, because of his long stint in Mantralaya.In fact he was the man, who spoiled carrers of many IFS and SFS officers, who did not toe his line. In fact the whole group works in perfect co-ordination like a pack of wild dogs to spoil the career of concrned, TARGET. GOD bless S.P. Thakre, because these fellows must have initiated at least half a dozen attack on him in the form of C.R, CHARGESHEET, TRANSFER, REPORT to Govt.etc.Only criminal action against them will be deterrent for these guys.

    SSN Rao says:
    08/07/2011 at 8:10 pm
    Why some officers are relying on Khetrapal that he will do some thing in this matter. Have you all forgotten that when he was transferred from Boriville to FDCM, he fell sick for 10 months and the moment he got Nagpur territorial , with Jadu Kee JHHADHI , he became all right and medical fit immediately after Nagpur order was issued. He is no different from this corrupt lot. You would see him in this case only.

    Since it is an era of RTI and this website is functioning fearlessly, objectively and without IFS/SFS bias , hence we can expect some results in this case.

    Probem , which I see is little different. Problem is how AK Joshi would change his report, which he had already made to the government saving Nand Kishore and informing Government that nothing had happened in this case.

    Rahul says:
    09/07/2011 at 10:08 am
    These are violations MADE IN UK(UTTARA KHAND).In fact these incompetant people are surviving at cost of other NON GROUP members.Initialy they were supported by JN Saxena then Nandkishor in the Mantralaya and in the later period by Mangrulkar. Hence the conclusion drawn by some readers of extraneous factors like caste etc can not be ruled out.

    Not coward IFS officer, nagpur says:
    09/07/2011 at 11:38 am
    Yaar…where is the second part of story. you promised to publish it next day. So many people are getting fever here. Today many subordinates would get bashing from these holy cows, kahin to gussa uttarenge .

    Ex CCF NAGPUR says:
    09/07/2011 at 2:12 pm
    Why Mr. A.K. Joshi, HoFF is not being exposed for his inefficiuency for tackling corruption in the department. What is use being honest & protecting corrupt officials in the department.

    hemant chhajed says:
    14/07/2011 at 10:44 am
    i already demanded inquiry in this matter on0 2nd august 2011.

  2. CCF at Nagpur says:

    What report ? This case was given to one of the same person , who is involved in this case. lets see how Khetrapal Sir takes it. There are very serious blatant illegalities. All the involved should be taken to task.

  3. It is really interesting that James Bond keeps us telling about new stories. His/her idea of Lokpal/Lokayukta is really worth considering. For how long can we save these so called holy cows ? Finally if this report is given to Lokayukta (not the present one without power) these holy cows and their saviours would be behind the bar. This report is with full of documentary evidences.

  4. Another APCCF says:

    One of the culprit is so called close to P. Sec. He had worked with P. Sec in Amravati.

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