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Nagpur:  Chief Conservator of Forests, Nagpur circle’s report dated 26-9-2009  to Chief Conservator of Forests (Protection) Maharashtra State informing serious violation of the orders of the Supreme court &  corruption charges in renewal of saw mill licence of a non-existant saw mill, has been buried by corrupt higher officers of the Forest department to save P.N.Munde IFS the then Deputy Conservator of Forests Nagpur division.

As per report submitted by CCF Nagpur dated 26-9-2009 Saw Mill licence no. 373/77 for 42” sawmill was issued by the DCF Nagpur to Carpentary Training centre,  Bothia Palora,Zilla Parishad, Nagpur for a training centre of carpentry.  The said carpentry centre was closed by Zilla Parishad, Nagpur during 1989. For almost twenty years i.e. for 1977 to 1997 the Licence no. 373/77 was not renewed by the DCF Nagpur. It is pertinent to note that licence as per rules is required to be renewed annually. CCF Nagpur in his report has very categorically mentioned that  as per Rule 88(4), 88(5) & 88 (6) of Bombay Forest Rules 1942, if the licence is not renewed annually then it gets automatically gets revoked. He further pointed out that if such licence gets revoked then there is no provisions of renewal of such licence in the Rules. CCF Nagpur has also referred in his said report that the original licence no. 373/77, which was issued to  Carpentary Training centre,  Bothia Palora, Zilla Parishad, Nagpur and which was lapsed & revoked in 1978, was illegally & malafidely  renewed for twenty years in one go by P.N.Munde IFS the then DCF, Nagpur,  in serious violation of Hon’ble Supreme court order dated 4-3-1997 passed in WP ( c ) 202/1995 as well as various provisions of Bombay Forest Rules. It is a matter of extreme importance here that Zilla Parishad Nagpur has not asked for renewal of said licence no. 373/77 . Thus it is clear that Munde has renewed this licence with ulterior motive.

Not only Munde renewed the licence for twenty years illegally and without authority, but  his successor, R.N.Rai IFS against whom many enquiries are going on, had also transferred the said lapsed licence in the name of Avinash Basant Mahajan of M/S Nagpur Vineer Pvt Ltd, Mahalgaon , Nagpur on 2-6-2000 in gross violation of Bombay Forest Rules & said order of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India..  It would be pertinent to mention here that Hon’ble Supreme court of India in it’s order dated 4-3-1997 passed in WP 202/1995 (see para 8 of the order dated 10-5-2006 of supreme court) has directed as:

“It was pointed out by learned Amicus Curiae that this Court by order dated 4.3.1997 directed the closure of all un-licensed saw mills, veneer and plywood industries. Further by order dated 30.10.2002 it was directed that no State Government would permit the opening of any saw mill, veneer and plywood industry without the prior permission of the Central Empowered Committee (in short the `CEC`). The State of Maharashtra by I.A.414 sought permission to permit the re-opening of saw mills/veneer and plywood industries inter alia dependent on imported timber; which permission was declined by this Court`s order dated 14th July, 2003. On enquiries made by CEC as well as learned Amicus Curiae the State Government stated that the orders of this Court will be complied with and six mills in question i.e. (i) M/s Oriental Veneer Products Ltd. (ii) M/s Konark Plywood Industries Ltd. (iii) M/s Great Western Plywood Industries Ltd. (iv) M/s Pagoda Woods Pvt. Ltd. (v) M/s Woodmac (Bombay) Pvt. Ltd. (vi) Luckywood Products Pvt. Ltd. were actually closed”.


  1. An FIR was required to be booked for the violation of Bombay Forest Rules, 1942 and Indian Forest Act 1927 and Prevention of Corruption Act 1988 against Munde, Rai and Directors of Nagpur Vineers Pvt Ltd .
  2. Contempt proceedings of Hon’ble Supreme court was required to be initiated against Munde & Rai for willfully disobeying the orders of the Honble apex court.
  3. Disciplinary proceedings for violating All India Services ( Conduct) Rules were required to be initiated against Munde & Rai.

What government has done till now:

  1. Always rewarded both of them with plum postings.
  2. Regularly promoting them from JA grade to Selection grade to Super-time scale  of IFS and promoting them from Deputy Conservator of Forests to Conservator of Forests.

Dear Readers , we will keep informing you the progress of the case and trying to expose any attempt to hide and burry this very important environmental issue.


  1. Deepak Gulhane says:

    I would like to know what CEC is doing? I have complaint to CEC regarding this matter earlier and no action has been taken as yet. Sir does that mean that the CEC is acting/dancing to the tune of forest department bosses?
    How can the Supreme court come to know that the directives of the Apex court are being used by the bosses of the forest department to blackmail people and extort money. Even the so called non corrupt officers of the forest department like Mr A K Joshi (PCCF & head of forest force) and Mr Tasneem Ahmed CCF (Protection) is sitting over the papers, which I had submitted to them in my complaint, to show that they are not only corrupt but also helping criminals to by pass law and protect them. These so called non-corrupt Bosses must be booked under various sections and stringent action must be taken against them as was taken against the then Forest Minister Shri Swarupsingh Naik and the then Additional Chief Secretary of Forests Mr Ashok Khot. By all means they must be jailed.

  2. Retired Forest officer Nagpur says:

    Mr R.N. Rai is not only corrupt for financial gain, but he is having very bad character also. When he was DCF Nagpur, he was caught with a red light girl in Lakadganj. Only by paying money he was released. Anyone from lakadaganj area can testify this claim. In past also he has been caught red handed with domestic helps. ACB should inquire his conduct also.

  3. Congratulations, for your courage in exposing the corruption in forest bureaucracy. There are some officers who have created image of holier than cow but in reality they are all having tremendous nexus in this state and support each other by running parallel administration where officers like mangrulkar know that they are the govt. ministers are transitory persons. They could do these things because the entire establishment is in their hands unlike some other states where it is with GAD or secretariat staff which was earlier in Maharashtra; but got changed at the instance of some corrupt officials, who wanted to stop their inquiries.
    hence it was taken over from mantralay cadre by such officers who want to control the mantralay, minister and the overall administration.

  4. Valuable info. Lucky me I found your site by accident, I bookmarked it.

  5. hemant chhajed says:

    a very dirty game… played by top beaurocrats .now a time to eradicate and burn it to avoid viral infection

    • There are so many corrupt forest officials and ground level staff selling forest land in the name of forest diversion, individual patta claims under Forest Right Act. 80% forest workers assigned to protect Gorewada and Ambazari forests have been working in the bungalows/official residences of forest officials . There is a time to fix their accountability for forest protection. There is corruption in the name of promoting skill based training to the villagers, plant nurseries, purchase of material under entry point programme, forest protection, demarcation of boundaries, supply of water through tankers in wildlife areas. Moreover, forseters have a great ego of superiority, who work on the line of colonial officials. But, Britishers were far better, at least they loved forest, stayed in remote areas , surveyed the areas on the back of the horse and in bullock cart. But today’s modern foresters hardly stay in the forest and mistake pug marks of the dog for leopard.

  6. CCF from Nagpur says:

    Tasneem ahmad CCF protection is collecting money through his forest Gaurd who is working in his office. Poor forest gaurd is arrested by Anti corruption beauro but during introgation he kept mum due to fear of Tasneem Ahmad. ACB should understand this and they must Introgate Tasneem Ahmad.


  7. rudyard kipling says:

    you just cannot fathom mr munde, he could be the most corrupt forest officer today.has auctioned borivali park to debi goenka.both of them are misleading highcourt even after 5 years tenure to vandalise forest land.see the battery of lawyers at munde’s service.illegal roads,boundary alterations,unautorised NOC’s for FC act proposals..all possible corruption practices munde is involved…god save the man,who will (?) replace munde..pandurang…pandurang..first plundered forests through illegal saw mills now land of borivali park…..HOFF joshi ji look into it..kuch to karo..sirf table tenis mat khelo…

  8. Even the forest officer Dr.Nand Kishor was charge sheeted by the then PCCF Mr.Sharma for looting department for Rs. 4 lakhs in the case of tendu royalty waived off by him. PCCF recommended his suspension and enquiry. But, what happened to this Ph.D. pandit?

  9. Sir, please take online poll for whom you will rate to be the worst forest officer now in the service.

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